Commissions & Paintings Sold



Commissioning a painting is a wonderful way to acquire artwork for your specific needs : to decorate your home, an office, a restaurant, as a wedding gift or a birthday present.

Steven has worked with patrons throughout Europe and the USA to provide original acrylic and watercolour paintings that suit their budgets and size requirements.

When a client commissions a painting, whether it is a landscape, an animal painting or a portrait, it provides a unique opportunity to interact with the artist, by contributing to the creative process, and by watching an idea develop into a unique original artwork.

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“Cadalen Pigeonnier”   acrylic on canvas  29 x 39 cm


  “A trusted relationship was built between the painter and the client, Steven worked very carefully with me to ensure that my painting was true and captured the spirit of the subject”.


“I’m so proud to have two of Steven Christian Reed’s paintings and they do look just great in my home!

 Kit Thayer, Minnesota USA

©stevenchristianreed1stlesson2013“First Lesson” acrylic on board   40 x 50 cm

“I know I am lucky to have a wife who thinks up personal and original ideas for gifts, but she will be hard pushed to beat this year’s birthday present she gave to me.

For this year, I was presented with a stunning commissioned painting by the wonderfully talented Mr Steven Christian Reed.

I have long been a fan of Steven’s work, and commented some time ago that I believed he could capture the power and spirit of the surf very well. – I was correct and I have the evidence hanging on my living room wall to prove it!

Thank you so much, it is by far the best present I have ever received – we will enjoy it for years to come”.

Chris Francis, France



“Inspirational painting by Steven Christian Reed purchased while on his wonderful art course at L’Atelier in the Dordogne” .

C J Roy

©StevenChristianReed2014'Edwards view of the world'

“Edwards view of the world”

acrylic on paper

“Having seen the lovely painting that Steven did of his small son playing in the puddles, I asked him if he could do a sketch of my 2yr old grandson, Edward.

I am so pleased with the result. Steven has captured the moment beautifully. I’m sure this painting will be treasured by both his parents, and Edward himself as he grows up.”

Sandie Dearlove

“Rusica” acrylic on canvas 29 x 13 cm

“I love my painting ! Steven has managed to capture my horse’s personality, it’s got a place of honour on the wall & people often comment on the resemblance between the painting and my horse”!

Lilly Parker 2012


“Lucy the goose” acrylic painting collage

Renè Vles, France

©stevenchristianreed'frog'2010“Red Frog” acrylic on board   15 x 20 cms

“I fell in love with Steven’s own style of painting which is vibrant and energetic – so much so, I bought one painting “The Duck” – and then commissioned another – my wonderful “Frog” paintng.”   Pam Roberts


 (C))stevenchristianreed2009“Périgueux : Place Saint Louis “ watercolor & ink on paper   39 x 29 cm



“On The Beach”acrylic on board   40 x 50 cm


 “Every time I look at Steve Reed’s painting ‘On the beach’, there is something new to see. I love the colour and the vitality and for me it captures that sense of excitement one has when wandering along a beach. Discovering different shells, different creatures, different sounds from the wind and the gulls. However it’s important to mention that it’s mine and I’m not parting with it!”
 Reverend Ann Wooderson
“Walking The Dog”   watercolor & ink on paper