“My first sunglasses”

acrylic on handmade paper

39 x 50 cm


“Down the garden path”

acrylic on paper

30 x 35 cm


“Free Ride”

120 x 84 cm

Golden Open Acrylics on canvas


“Treasure Hunt” : First Time at the Seaside

acrylic on paper

23 x 28 cm

“Day Breaks”

Golden artist colors on canvas

80 x 103 cm

©stevenchristianreedLa Belle Époque2013

“La Belle Époque”

acrylic on canvas

35 x 48 cm


“The Old Fishing Boat”

acrylic on canvas

103 x 80 cm


“Puddle Gazing”

acrylic on paper board

20 x 29 cm